Toroidal Transformers

LINTRON offers custom toroidal transfomers with a quick turn around.

High performance, low weight, and low profile, these are properties which are built into the strictly controlled design and manufacturing process of our Toroidal Transformers.

  • Custom Design and Manufacturing
  • One-Offs to Medium Quantities
  • Short Lead Times (2-3 weeks)
  • Ratings from 10 VA to 40 kVA

Click here for more information on toroidal transformers.

Inductive Components

LINTRON offer a full range of inductive components, specifically designed for every application, from miniaturized telecom components to power transformers in switched mode power supplies (SMPS) and 50/60/400Hz power transformers up to around 40 kVA.

Products range from smps, coils, chokes, filters and antennas.

  • Custom Design and Manufacture
  • One-Offs to Medium Quantities
  • Prototypes
  • Short Lead Times (2-3 weeks)

Click here for more information on inductive components.

Toroidal Transformers
Open Frame - Quick installation

Our single phase and three phase toroidal transformers can be delivered as an open frame or enclosed unit for quick and easy installation.

Click here for more information on single phase units (500VA-10kVA).

Click here for more information on three phase units (1kVA-40kVA).

Custom Design

Components are either designed in collaboration with or to the customer's specific requirements.

With our in-house manufacturing we can solve any problems and adapt a quick solution.

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